Travel: Tunnel beach, Dunedin, New Zealad

Recently, I visited this beach called the Tunnel beach. According to the Travel Advisor, this beach is so far, 2014 Travellers’ choice winner! So I went to have a look…and got lost along the way 😛 but then also saw many pretty sights along the way. 🙂

It’s called Tunnel beach, because well.It has a tunnel! 😀 haha…:)

Hope you enjoy the pics, x

On the way to Tunnel beach

Otago, New Zealand

The whole walkway takes about an hour (return)

The whole walkway takes about an hour (return)

At the tunnel beach, Otago, NZTunnel. Hence the it's called Tunnel beach :)Entrance to the tunnel beachTo be honest, when I first saw this, I thought it reminded me of the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland!:D

Out of the tunnel beach, walkway to Tunnel beach, Dunedin :)



The video for this place can be found at:

Definitely worth visiting, if you end up visiting Dunedin!




I made (mimick) dolsot bibimbap today. 🙂  Dolsot by the way, means stone pot. Since I don’t have a stone pot, I used an earth pot- something that people often use for Korean soft tofu spicy stew/hot stews.

Actually, this bibimbap I made is for tomorrow. I made it ahead for tomorrow night’s dinner because it’s my turn to cook tomorrow.  Below is my creation. 🙂 As you can see, it’s quite different to what my sister made last week (the second picture below)-






Then again, I guess that this is the beauty of bibimbap 🙂 You can pretty much add any raw or sauteed&marinated vegetables and BAM you have a quite a healthy meal. 🙂

Now I know that some people might criticise and say that these are not “authentic enough” looking or just looks different to YT vidoes on bibimbap, but the truth is that even in Korea, there are many types of bibimbap.

For me, bibimbap is still a bibimbap!

In my sister’s case, just somewhat Kiwianised~ 😀  🙂

If you have never tried bibimbap, why not give it a go? 😉

For your reference- for mine, I had the following:

-sauteed yellow zucchini (organically grown), edible gosari aka baby bracken marinated, dried and then marinated white radish in Korean chilli powder, blanched and then marinated perilla leaves, tender beef strips marinated in soy sauce/sesame oil/honey.

All on top of cooked multi-grain rice (so I choose to mix brown rice, white rice and soybeans)

For my sister’s bibimbap, she had the following:

-fresh lettuce, sauteed sweet potatoes, fresh cucumber, sauteed carrots, an egg, some left over kimchi (which i think she was trying to get rid off 😛 ), an egg and some toasted, crunchy seasoned laver sprinkled on top (marinated in sesame seeds and sesame oil).

Let me know if you would like me to ever post on how to cook any of the ingredients ^^~

Happy cooking everyone,